hilary hendershott

Hi! I’m Hilary.

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, entrepreneur, woman, wife, mother, and friend committed to helping you remove money blocks wherever I find them, grow your financial wealth, and champion you to financial freedom.

I’ve been where you are. Despite being a hard worker and a high earner, I created inauthentic financial patterns and faced painful financial results. I spent myself right out of my resources. But I took that struggle and I used it to succeed. I have devoted my career to using that former pain to transform money behaviors. I have done this in my own life and, as your financial advisor, I can do it for you as well. Think of it as your financial transformation.

As a woman, it can be tough to know who to trust when it comes to getting real about money.

Ideally, you’ll find a financial advisor you connect with on a personal level. Even more, you want a truth-teller, and strategic thinker, someone who has the resources to ensure all your questions are answered… both those you have now and those you’ve not yet thought to ask.

I’m not your father’s financial advisor — I’m yours.

I believe in meeting you where you are, witnessing your transformation, and making sure you have the financial plan you need to live the life of your dreams. I’d love to learn more about you and your financial goals.

Hi! I’m Jen.

I am an Associate Financial Advisor, woman, wife, mother, and friend committed to helping you achieve the financial freedom you desire!

I was the first female to graduate from Bethel College with a degree in Economics and Finance with a minor in Accounting. I knew that this was the career path for me at a young age after observing the different outcomes loved ones faced as a result of their financial decisions.

My passion is empowering you to have the tools and resources you need to build and grow your wealth.

Jen Rupp

I am responsible for enhancing our client’s experience through ongoing contact as well as data gathering and analysis, development of financial planning, implementation and portfolio management.

Your money is your livelihood. Your future. Your children’s future. Do you really want it managed based on subjective filters or hype?

I didn’t think so.

At HWM, we rely on best-in-class investment research and economic theory to drive our investment approach, portfolio construction, and asset allocation. For that reason, our client portfolios are continuously reviewed by Loring Ward’s world class Investment Committee, including Nobel Prize Winner Harry Markowitz.

Loring Ward manages more than $13.5 billion in investor savings and their Investment Committee brings with it more than 100 years of industry experience. I have proudly partnered with Loring Ward to ensure your investments continually meet your future needs and create a better wealth experience for you. For more information about our team of experts click here.

If you’ve been thinking about partnering with a financial advisor to achieve what’s important to you, let’s start a more meaningful conversation about your wealth!

Contact our team today.