Retirement Planning

It’s natural to be apprehensive about retirement. Lying awake at night your thoughts can turn to an endless list “what-ifs.”

What if my money runs out?
What if I develop a serious illness?
What if I’m unable to care for myself?

Let’s not let those inner doubts rob you of the joy of a fulfilling retirement (whatever that looks like for you).

Instead, my goal is to have you sleep soundly and enjoy every waking hour because you know you’re well prepared for whatever life—and the economy—brings your way.

Like any big undertaking, I’ll approach your retirement planning in small, manageable steps.

Chances are you’re further along than you think in some areas and may need to do a little catching up in others.

retirement planning

I’ll help you round out your retirement planning in these areas:

Funding Your Retirement

Successful retirement planning rests on the three-legged stool of Social Security, qualified retirement plans, and savings and investments. I’ll help you understand how much you can expect from each source and make plans to build up the areas you may need to allocate more resources. That way, when it comes time to retire, you’ll be sitting pretty.

Retirement Healthcare and Maintenance

Did you know health care costs represent the second largest expense for retirees? And while it’s reassuring to know Medicare will be there, it’s important to prepare for events and conditions that may require additional resources. You want to live a long and healthy life—financial planning can help make that a reality.

Lifestyle Retirement Income

You may still be several decades from retirement or it may be just around the corner. In either case, I’ll set up an achievable plan with the goal of a generating a steady source of income that continues throughout your life.

planning for retirement

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard throughout your life, you deserve to know that whatever you leave behind will benefit the people and organizations you care about. If you’re married, you and your spouse will want to ensure each other’s financial security. If you have a family, you’ll want to know your children—and even their children—will be taken care of after you’re gone. When all the documents, wills, and trusts are in place, I’ll work with you to ensure your estate is safeguarded from the costs of probate, estate taxes, and other liabilities.

The Importance of Estate Planning For Women:

Actuarially speaking, we women, stand a good chance of outliving our partners/spouses.

That’s why it’s so important to fully participate in the retirement planning of your spouse. And equally as important that you have a plan for yourself.

Our mothers and grandmothers often didn’t think to be included in discussions about estate planning. But why wouldn’t you want to be involved in decisions that have a direct bearing on your future security? Especially when it’s increasingly likely you’re contributing significantly to your savings–perhaps even the larger share.

I want to help you overcome any hesitation you might have about playing a more active role in shaping the kind of future you want to have.

Planning for your future should be exciting, not overwhelming. No matter how far behind you may feel, there’s always time to make a positive impact. The main thing is to get started!

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